We are


dutch extended reality studios

unlocking the potential of extended reality.

Create impact with indoor extended reality for your organization

Transform any type of building into an extended reality landscape within days with our Indoor Spatial Platform.

Audio assisted wayfinding for blind and visually impaired people

High Accuracy Location Services

Our Indoor Spatial Platform provides contextual- and spatial- computing capabilities together with high accuracy 
indoor location services that will unlock the potential of extended reality for your organization.

Move Fast

Our solutions work without physical infrastructure and allow you to innovate with extended reality fast, secure and with respect for privacy, as you remain in control of your own data.

Go live in weeks, not months
True infrastructure-less
Private by design

How does it work?

How to get from zero to up and running. Giving insight and confidence in the process.


Reality Capture

Scan or Bring Your Own Data

High quality, digital representation 
(digital twin) of real world objects as foundational infrastructure for our XR services.


Platform & Studio

Data Processing and Structuring

User friendly content management platform for data-modelling, customisation, business logic and site administration.



Location Services Deployment

High accuracy, true infrastructure-less and personal data agnostic, indoor localization service, powering your XR experiences.


XR Experience

Application UX & Integration

Standalone and integrated mobile, web and embedded application frameworks, 
built on gaming grade technology.

Use cases

Imagine how you can leverage extended reality in your organization. Building on top of highly accurate and proven technology.

Using AR glasses and voice to identify and operate machines in complex technical environments
Audio assisted wayfinding for blind and visually impaired people

Our values

At Dutch Extended Reality Studios, we foster a culture of creativity and research-driven projects. We believe that by connecting and applying different technologies, we can discover innovative solutions in unexpected places.

Discover the possibilities with DXRS